Autumn 2018

Evros | The Crossing River 

19 - 20 October 2018

Main House, Arcola Theatre, London 


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28  November 2018

Concert Hall, Aberystwyth Arts Centre


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Follow Doaa, a 19 year old Syrian, on her journey of hope. Meet the boy from the local garden centre, where all isn’t quite as it seems. Experience the physical descent of a couple whose grief brings them together and tears them apart. Venture into the everyday of families in extreme conditions and follow the performers as they ask;


‘How can we walk in their shoes?’

Our sincere thanks to those who have helped Seemia. Evros | The Crossing River has been generously supported by Shari Rezai. 

Devised with generous support from Arts Council England, Arcola Theatre & Theatre Deli.


as one of the 'Greatest Moments' of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018

Feb 2018

"Steeped in emotion, creating the most intense atmosphere and leaving you feeling a sense of sorrow unlike any other."

Aug 2017

"This is an emotive, challenging, and sharp play which shines a light on  the plight of refugees."

Feb 2018

"A haunting and harrowing portrait of family suffering down the ages."

Feb 2018

"An engaging ensemble production that meditates on the refugee crisis with powerful song."


our process, research and inspiration

Marylebone Project

Today, over 60 million people worldwide, stand forcefully displaced from their home. In this current climate of mass migration, Seemia Theatre want to explore the how the refugee crisis is told, outside of the mainstream media.


We are aiming to explore and communicate not only the physical difficulties of the immediate situation but also the wider context of how these transitions affect people for generations.

A history as old as human civilisation, Evros sees Syrians, Polish Jews, 

Armenians and French Huguenots. Evros isn't just about the refugee crisis 

today, but a repeated crisis of humanity.

Devised by the company with inspiration from interviews, workshops and the wonderful words of Doaa al Zamal, Melissa Fleming, Ghada Al Atrash, WilliamShakespeare and Rumi. This list of inspiration is not exhaustive.

Seemia Theatre are generously supported by Theatre Deli and Arts Council England, and are a Tangled Feet mentored company.

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