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Workshops & Outreach

Share stories with each other, create a community using music and movement, find the power of listening.

Alongside devising performances, Seemia Theatre conduct their outreach and facilitate workshops in a number contexts, in particular community and education. Engaging with our local community has always been integral, not only to our pedagogy but also to our creative process.  

From workshops with higher education institutions, charities that work with vulnerable people to TEDx Talks, Seemia strive to ensure their workshops and outreach events are accessible whilst being artistically & creatively inpsiring and challenging. Below are some examples of our outreach and workshops. If you're interested in working with us , feel free to get in touch. 

Workshops & Outreach

Free Your Beat, the Albany Theatre

May 2019

How many times in our lives are we told to be quiet, yet our spirit is shouting out to make noise?

If that’s your calling then welcome to the journey into finding your own primitive beat. Drums are an ancient way for tribes to come together and find a collective rhythm.

This drumming experience, led by Cheryl & Robin, will immerse you into an ensemble experience and engage you in finding your own drumbeat.

Drums are provided for all participants. Come with an open mind, a rebellious soul and a will to make noise.

Rose Bruford College, London & Edinburgh

Aug 2018

Around performances of Evros,  company members Sara, Charlotte and Cheryl, presented several workshops at Summerhall during Edinburgh Festival Fringe as part of the Rose Bruford College curated warm-up sessions. The workshop focussed on the ensemble movement & vocal practice and vital advice for performers during the fringe. 

Company member Robin is also a visiting lecturer at Rose Bruford College's European Theatre Arts Course, having facilitated workshops exploring Non-Violent Communication, devising and an introduction to disability and inclusive practice for performers and audience members.

Sooreh University of Art, Tehran

Apr 2017

Director, Sara Amini, presented a workshop for Theatre students at the Sooreh University of Art in Tehran, Iran. 


The workshop focussed on the ensemble in a devising process and the a discussion of new modes of directing in relation to folk heritage in contemporary theatre.

The Marylebone Project

Aug 2016

Following a 3-hour workshop with the whole company in the summer, Charlotte and Cheryl presented a 10-week programme of workshops with residents from from The Marylebone Project (A charity and hostel for homeless women in London, most of whom are refugees from Eritrea and Ethiopia).

The workshops were a cultural exchange focussed on openness  and trust using music & drumming, movement and poetry as a vehicle to play, share and listen.

Panel Discussions

Kampala International Theatre Festival

Nov 2018

As one of the featured companies at KITF'18, director Sara Amini was invited to take part in a panel that launched the festival. 


Touching on themes of the play, Evros | The Crossing River, Sara also discussed working as a female director in a multicultural society, and  the affect of borders and nationhood on people, and the power of art in changing governmental policy. The discussion continued with a post-show Q&A following our performances. 

(Photograph courtesy of James Wasswa)

TEDx Leamington Spa

Nov 2017

Cheryl was invited to be part of a panel for TEDx Leamington Spa, that year titled ‘H?ME Homelessness – Beyond the Label’.  She was part of a panel with two other amazing and inspiring women, Lianne Kirkman and Ellie House, who both work for charities tackling homelessness; Helping Hands and Kairos WWT discussing homelessness, how charities engage with those who have experienced homelessness and how theatre & arts can be used to support the community. 

You can read more from the blog here. 

(Photograph courtesy of TEDx Leamington Spa) 

Questions & Answers

the Albany Theatre & AFRIL

Nov 2019

Following the performance of Evros | The Crossing River at the Albany, we were joined on our panel by charity, Action for Refugees in Lewisham. 

With our performance of Evros, we aim to give an opportunity to audiences to meet and discuss the refugee crisis and it's affect in their local community, and a chance to meet those who are working at the forefront of providing services to those seeking asylum and in refugee application process. 

The Northern School of Art, Hartlepool

Nov 2019

Following a work-in-progress sharing The Magnificent Mind of Marcus at ARC Stockton with industry professionals and students from The Northern School of Art's Acting degree course, we hosted a Q&A for students. 

The post-show Q&A not only allowed the students to dissect our devising process, but also to get some valuable information about the industry as performers and as theatre makers. 

We regularly host post-show Q&A sessions when touring our work to give audience members a chance to and forum to discuss the political subject matters we explore in our work, and also our form of theatre. If this is something you would be interested in further when booking, just let us know. 

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