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Saria Callas

ساریا کالاس


‘Saria Callas’ is a new one-woman “musical” about wanting to be a singer, and growing up where it is forbidden for women to sing. Did I get used to repression or is music my way of fighting? Saria will have a chance to be a musical singer for one night only, as we live in a world where others still decide about your body and voice.

Photos of scratch performance CPT, March 2024.

Photos courtesy of Harry Elletson.

Sara is excited to be working with fellow Seemia artist, Robin Paley Yorke (Billy Elliot at CURVE, Painting The Town at New Wimbledon Theatre) and recent Seemia collaborators Maghsood Salehi (CPT) as Dramaturg and Manuel Lavandera
 as Director.

Saria Callas is currently in development as part of Seemia's Solo Shows, and is in residency at Camden People's Theatre's Starting Blocks.

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