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Marcus is preparing for his grandmother’s funeral, but when she appears the
line of reality starts to blur. As we enter the dreamlike world of Marcus’s
memories we begin to explore what forms a person?

Meet Marcus. Argentinian. Welsh. Catholic. Straight. Male. Maybe. He doesn't
know anymore. Maybe he never knew who he was. Or why he wanted to be a
priest when he was young.

Influenced by Y Wladfa, the Welsh Patagonian community in Argentina,
MARCUS emerges from Seemia’s diversity in age, nationality, gender, sexuality
and religion, provoking a need to explore collective and individual identity. How
do we define ourselves? How do others define us? What happens when these
viewpoints clash?

Using storytelling, clowning, physical theatre, live music and folk song from
Argentina, Wales and Indeginous America MARCUS sweeps the audience up
on a journey through community, nationalism, gender politics, and the impact of
family relationships and religion on our identity.

Marcus was was first scratched as identity at First Slice as part of Beyond Borders Festival at The Old Library, during Refugee Week 2018. 


Following a second residency, The Magnificent Mind of Marcus had a work-in-progress presentation at The Albany in May 2019.

Marcus is currently in development and is generously supported by Theatre Deli, The Albany, Arcola LAB, ARC Stockton and public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Poster Design - Mina Tolouei Azar.

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"Very visceral. I want to see more"

Audience Feedback

First Slice Scratch at Beyond Borders Festival

Refugee Week 2018

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