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A rigorous, holistic performer training, where voice, body and mind are one instrument. Listening is the key.

Our devising and ensemble training is rooted in Polish Laboratory theatre - where physical and voice training are integrated to ensure the performer is ready, grounded and open. Through unlocking the holistic instrument of the individual, we begin to build a strong ensemble attuned to one another. 

  • Play with the power of group rhythms and harmonies

  • Be inspired by exploring corporeal limits 

  • Create an ensemble through listening with the whole body

  • Discover our tools for devising performance

We've worked with leading drama schools and departments across the UK and Iran. If your institution, college, or school want to learn more about our unique ensemble training and devising methods, feel free to email us. 

Who we've worked with

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Rose Bruford College, London and Bruford @ Summerhall, Edinburgh
Tehran University of Art
Norwich University of the Arts
The Northern School of Art
Sooreh University of Art

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