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Getting crystal clear on your vision!

After coming from a successful and extremely hard week of work with Seemia Theatre at the Arcola, I’ve asked myself many questions about what my goals are, what we’ve learnt as a company, where can we improve and ultimately, what next? Well that’s the easy part, we’re working away to take our show to the Monkey House in August, but then what?

Let me take a step back before going forward with this. It’s always good to ask yourself a question so you understand what your drive and purpose is on the days when you feel unsettled, lost, demotivated, overwhelmed, shall I go on? No, I’m sure everyone gets it. The question is this, what’s my motivation? This one’s easy for me; I want to be an actor! Ta dah! So the rest will figure itself out right? Wrong. Firstly, I don’t even like the name ‘actor’. It doesn’t resonant well for me. I believe in giving a voice to women, so let’s start again. I want to be an actress! Now that still isn’t working because it puts it outside of me, like I’m not there yet, so here we have it, (drumroll please) I’m a smashing, super great, truthful actress with integrity. Ta dah! Got it, right? Nope, not yet because what does that look like? It’s time to get crystal clear.

To me being that type of actress looks like this: working as part of an ensemble / cast of people I learn and grow from. It includes telling untold stories and being the kind of storyteller that stories can flow through. It means hard work, dedication, facing myself and my insecurities. And living my dream. The dream I had at 6 years old when I played the blue fairy in Pinocchio and spread magic dust all over the stage. That’s what I believed was possible then with just a little imagination and I know the same thing is possible now as that’s my current vision, to spread the magic in theatre.

And how is this aligned with Seemia Theatre you may ask? Well I’ll tell you. I get to do all of the above within my theatre company. I need this great reminder every time there is a business meeting to be had, writing to be done, stories to research, scripts to edit, or lines to learn. It’s all part of the bigger picture. At any time I can recall my vision of spreading magic on stage and know these are all steps to that. Also if I’m looking for signs I’m on the right path (which is kind of my thing), Seemia means casting a spell with words. Ultimately we’re on the same page, of a beautiful book which all of us in the company helped to write.

For anyone drowning under the responsibility of keeping the will, drive and determination to keep at it, or juggle all those jobs and find the energy and spirit to keep their company, or career going, just remember to get crystal clear on your vision as this is where the magic happens.

Here are 3 simple steps on how to get clarity:

  • Do a mind map. That’s right creatives - get the other side of your brain working and put it all down on paper - with coloured pens to keep the other side of your brain happy. A mind map is simple; it’s putting everything down on paper of where you are going and what steps you need to take to get there.

  • Dream your goals. Once you have things down on paper, daydream about the ultimate goal. What will you feel like when you get there? Imagine the setting. How will your body feel? Who will be there with you? Make it as big and as bold as you can. Dream big and don’t limit yourself.

  • Talking of limits, feel into where you are holding yourself back. Is there something you just can’t quite buy into in your dream? If so, write that limited belief down and then flip it around. Give yourself all the ways you can get over the hurdles, just don’t ignore they are there, because what you resist persists. Talk to yourself in character, come on we’re actors! You could be the motivating coach, or your higher divine self, or your best friend, or the little kid in you that dreams big. Whoever you need there with you to talk yourself into getting where you need to go.

Now go forth and conquer the world, with crystal clear clarity.

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